Tsurunen Mail Magazine No: 592 Reinvigorating the Economy by Abolishing Nuclear Power (2013.0701)

I Intend to Keep Sticking to My Principles (2013.0616)

GM Crops Threaten Food Safety and the Balance of Ecosystems (2013.4.15)
A New Moomin Valley in Japan? (2013.3.22) 

Why did voters hand such a large victory to the LDP? (2012.12.21) 

The Value of Campaigning at Stations (2012.10.19)
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A Letter From Overseas: Wolf Reintroduction (2012.2.8)
Export Natural Energy Not Nuclear Energy (2011.12.12)
Political and Social Pluralism in Japan (2011.11.14)
Aiming to Ccreate a Society without Dependence on Nuclear Power (2011.9.1)
Japanese People Are at Their Best in a Crisis (2011.3.29)
What the Massive Earthquake Tells Us (2011.3.16)
Reintroducing the Wolf (2011.3.11)
Mind the Gap, Get over It: Japan Hands (2011.1.13)
Bright Future for the Japanese Agriculture (!?) (2010.12.10)
Sontoku Ninomiya's Daring (2010.11.10)
Reconsidering Lifestyle in Accordance with Nature on My Trip to Finland (2010.9.15)
After the Election (2010.7.27)
For Eco Life to Come True (2010.5.11)
The Blessing of Biodiversity and Boidiversity in Crisis (2010.3.12)
My Responsibilities and Ambitions in National Government (2009.11.20)
My Mission (2009.7.30)
To save the earth we need to revolutionize our civilization (2009.1.9)
Looking to the future (2008.2.29)
Prospects and Aspirations for 2008 (2008.1.10)
Environmental Refugees: The Most Pressing Challenge of Global Warming (2007.11.7)
"My attitude is, let's be positive-let's move forward" (2007.10.29)
My opinion on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Inaugural Policy Speech (2006.11.2)
90% of Consumers Acknowledge Significance of Agliculture Emphasizing Enviromental Protection (2006.3.8)
From South China Morning Post (2006.2.21)
Secret to happiness (2006.1.28)
To defeat agricultural pests and weeds (2005.11.14) 
Contents of the reforms at issue (2005.8.22)
A Difference between President Bush and Prime Minister Koizumi (2005.7.14)
Searching for Good Relations with China (2005.4.28)
Reform to Facilitate University Autonomy (2005.4.21)
Things will change if DPJ becomes the ruling party (2005.3.14)
Isahaya Reclaimed Land as a Base for Organic Agriculture (2005.2.8)
Drama is the Essence of Politics (2005.1.19)
A Warning against Meat-Eating (2004.11.18)
What I expect from the extraordinary Diet session (2004.10.27)
Establishing the Parliamentarian’s League to Promote Organic Agriculture (2004.10.13)
My commitment towards the latter half of my tenure (2004.9.20)
Tsurunen DVD on sale! Tsurunen’s vision for the future In DVD (2004.8.16)
Upper House Election Overview - 2004 Upper House Election - (2004.7.19)
Plenary Session (2004.5.26)
Finland’s growing spirit (2003.11.1)
Japanese parliamentarians' ODA Study Mission to Vietnam
 From AFPPD asian Forum Newsletter (2003.10.26)
Shift focus on Human onto the universe. (2003.9.2)
Get ready for a political earthquake. (2003.8.2)
South Korea's Future-oriented Diplomacy (2003.7.21)
From DAILY YOMIURI (2003.7.8)
From Tokyo Journal (2003.6.17)
Things I’d like to change in Japanese Politics (2003.5.16)
The 3rd World Water Forum (2003.4.4)
My First Year as a Member of the Japanese Diet (2003.3.7)
Let's Think about our Health Care in the Kitchen (2003.1.25)
3rd Nordic-Japan Environmental Conference 2002 (2003.1.18)
New Diplomacy can create a New Civilization (2002.11.16)
My view on Japan-North Korea top- level meeting (2002.9.21)
Pictures of Tsurunen's trip around Finland (2002.8.9)
 No.13・・・Nagasaki memorial lanterns and visit StoraEnso's mill Club 2002.8.9
 No.12・・・Japanese Culture Days 3. Myllykoski Library in Finland 2002.8.9
 No.11・・・Japanese Culture Days 2. Myllykoski Library in Finland 2002.8.9
 No.10・・・Japanese Culture Days 1. Myllykoski Library in Finland 2002.8.9
 No.9・・・Dinner with North karelia Polytechnic 2002.8.6
 No.8・・・Lunch with the Town Joensuu in Finland 2002.8.6
 No.7・・・North karelia Polytechnic and Carelian Digital Media Factory 2002.8.6
 No.6・・・Mr.Tsurunen and The Town Joensuu environment
 No.5・・・Marutei Tsurunen Jaakonvaarassa 3
 No.4・・・Marutei Tsurunen Jaakonvaarassa 2
 No.3・・・Marutei Tsurunen Jaakonvaarassa 1
 No.2・・・Marutei Tsurunen in Finland 2
 No.1・・・Marutei Tsurunen in Finland 1
The power of EM revives Seto Inland Sea Spark Tsuru vol.63
Solving the nation’s waste problem The Japan Times (2002.7.4)
Tsurunen set to tackle many issues Daily Yomiuri (2002.2.2)
Why do I bet on EM ? Spark Tsuru vol.60
A system to process all organic kitchen garbage into pulverized fertilizer
 Spark Tsuru vol.59

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